Our People.


Ronni Kahn

Chief Visionary and Head & Heart of Purpose. Also the CEO & Founder of OzHarvest and a global leader in social entrepreneurship. Ronni is the shareholder but more importantly visionary, ideas person and network guru.

Lawrence Goldston website.png

Lawrence Goldstone

Board Director. PwC Partner, Founder of The Difference and currently an OzHarvest Board member. A believer in social enterprise.

Mary Sue Rogers website.png

Mary Sue Rogers

Catalyst at ForPurposeCo. Responsible for leading the day to day activities of ForPurposeCo. Searching for new ideas in the food and waste technology space.

Stuart Cook website.png

Stuart Cook

Board Director. The ex-CEO of Zambrero, an international restaurant chain. Since exiting Zambrero he is focused on investing in start-ups.

EricKwan website small.png


Company Secretary.  Senior Associate at Bartier Perry where he practices corporate and commercial law with a focus on acquisitions and capital raising.

Louise Tran website lr.png

Louise Tran

Head of Purposeful Marketing at ForPurposeCo. Communications, branding and storytelling - the key to any start-up is having the right brand identity.

Moe Ali website.jpg

Moe Ali

Board Director. Group Vice President of Gartner, a passionate supporter of OzHarvest for over 4 years and consistently a top 10 fundraiser in the CEO CookOff.  Excited about ForPurposeCo. and how it will help OzHarvest.

Tiziano Bianco.png


Board Director. Formerly the Director of Customer Success, Strategy and Innovation at Adobe and ran CommBanks’ global Innovation Labs for 10 years. Passionate about driving innovation.

Russel Rankin web.png


Expert Advisor. Director & Founder of Food Innovation Partners. Passionate about business, innovation and commercialisation services to the food industry.