A Year of Purpose-Driven Business In Review


Our small and agile team have been working hard to deliver as much impact as possible, contributing to positive environmental impact, social outcomes and allowing OzHarvest to deliver even more goodness.

We are proud to release our inaugural report A Year of Purpose-Driven Business In Review that outlines our successes, challenges to date and grand plans for the future.

We hope you enjoy the read! Here’s a quick snapshot…

Within 12 months of operating, our small and agile team have; 

Brought new products to market:

●     Launched Juice For Good - an innovative social business that tackles food waste

●     Established a partnership with a global tech leader in food waste reduction - Winnow

●     Piloted impressive biotechnology that has the potential to reduce food waste at the farm level

Built a platform for growth:

  • Secured investments from several of our great supporters to facilitate our pilots and get our first products off the ground

  • Completed an equity raise for the Juice for Good business to help us scale quickly

  • We are economically viable, with a strong balance sheet and budget for the next fiscal year that shows us generating a healthy profit

  • We have contributed $24,000 to OzHarvest which will assist them to deliver the equivalent of 48,000 more meals to people in need

To read our full report : Year of Purpose-Driven Business In Review please click the download button below.

Friendly Credits: Designed with love by Nectar+Co, various photography generously donated by Chris Chen

Credit: Emlyn Crockett

Credit: Emlyn Crockett